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wood turning

People are fascinated by botanical nature.

Since olden days in Japan, living space has been created by utilizing and combining the essence of floras unified with nature.Taiki Miwa is not an exception.

Miwa began his career by studying architecture and reflected the field into Japanese garden making. He then finally condensed his aesthetics into wood turning.  

Miwa does not fully take control of the subject, but converts it into a fresh

form by leaving its vitality in presence.

Schop would like to introduce the modern relationship of plant life and us Japanese,

who savor tastefulness.








sold out ( WT-1 )

sold out ( WT-2)

sold out ( WT-3)

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                                                                                  sold out​( WP-3 )

"PLATE" Material : Chestnut / Lacquer /Rice  powder 

Size : Φ365mm/H21mm  Price : 30,000JPY

( WP-1 )

"PLATE" Material : Chestnut / Lacquer 

Size : Φ390mm/H18mm  Price : 24,000JPY

( WP-2 )

sold out ( WP-4 )

If you would like to purchase the product, please contact us by email with the product number.


※All products do not include shipping cost and duty. ※すべてのプロダクトに別途、送料と消費税が必要です。

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